Stanhope aims to make a positive contribution to society through its business activities.

Property development affects far more people than just developers, investors and tenants. Where we see an opportunity to make a positive contribution in a wider sense, we don’t hesitate to take it. We are increasingly evaluating the following factors across all of our business activities:
1. Health and Wellbeing
2. Community and Charity Engagement including Stanhope Foundation
3. Employment, Education and Skills
4. Responsible Procurement
For our corporate activities, we reported on 19 social value measures in the year 2020-21 and our Social Value contribution calculated by Planet Mark was £126,786. We work hard to support the health and wellbeing of our staff and provide a range of wellbeing initiatives and benefits. During the Covid-19 pandemic additional initiatives were put in place to ensure our team were coping during the long period of working from home.
We support various charitable and education related organisations on a pro-bono basis including most recently Coram, The Poppy Factory and Museum of London and the London School of Architecture. In early 2021 we launched Stanhope Foundation which focuses our efforts on those people with cancer, homelessness and our young people.
It is important to Stanhope that we also ensure that we act responsibly and ethically throughout our developments and management activities. Our developments are designed to benefit their local communities; and project teams are asked to report on social value KPIs throughout the project’s lifecycle.
For more information, please see our annual ESG report.