Hope found through employment
The Stanhope Foundation funds charities whose work helps people find hope and pride through meaningful employment.

About Us

Stanhope is committed to creating a positive impact on the built environment as well as the people and communities that it affects. As one of the leading creators of workplaces in the UK, we understand the profound impact employment has on the physical, mental and economic wellbeing of places and people. We have the collective viewpoint that where there’s an opportunity to make a positive contribution, we don’t hesitate to take it.

Stanhope Foundation was set up to partner with charities that have existing employment-focused programmes in place. These include helping people getting into work for the first time, or after a prolonged break, or tackling work-related issues due to ill health.

What We Do

We, alongside a growing number of industry support partners, work to raise awareness and funds for these charities. With our help, more people can find pride, hope and success through their work.

The money we raise goes directly to our charity partners’ employment programmes. This has helped fund coaching sessions, online skill sessions, a Cancer Support Specialist, consultations supporting people to manage post-treatment challenges, as well several other advice and coaching offerings. These include benefits advice and psychological support for those worried about their jobs as well as workshops for HR managers to help them support staff who have been given a cancer diagnosis.

Our Charities

St Mungo's

St Mungo’s firmly believe in a recovery-centred approach to ending homelessness. At the heart of everything they do is their mission to empower people to live fulfilling lives and prevent homelessness in the future. Their Recovery College is a 12-month programme that helps their clients get and sustain meaningful employment through workshops and 1-2-1 sessions with a Stanhope Foundation funded progression coach.

The Prince's Trust

The Prince’s Trust changes the lives of hundreds of young people across London and support more across the UK through employment programmes and confidence building workshops. By supporting their Team programme, Development Awards and Get Hired events Stanhope Foundation are responding to the current needs of young people and are having a meaningful impact on their lives in the long term.


In the UK, 1 in 2 people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. The majority of people with cancer need additional practical, emotional and social support to complement the excellent medical treatment that the NHS provides. Maggie’s provides this support for free, including a ‘Back to Work Scheme’ for people living with cancer

Construction Youth Trust

Construction Youth Trust’s mission is to inspire and support young people to achieve their full career potential by connecting them to meaningful opportunities within the Construction and Built Environment sector. Their Transitions Coaching programme supports students aged 16-18 who are interested in exploring higher-level apprenticeship pathways in the Built Environment. Social mobility is at the heart of their work, and they prioritise working with young people from low-income backgrounds, underrepresented groups, and/or those facing significant barriers to employment.

Our Support Charities

Mencap helps people with a learning disability gain employment, skills and find paid jobs. They provide direct care and support offering information and advice, empowering people to find solutions and create change in their communities and wider society. The Stanhope Foundation supports their Headstart programme which partners with schools to provide employability sessions, work experience and employer engagement sessions to help people develop skills, experience, and aspirations to work.

Mayor’s Fund for London is a non-politically aligned, independent pan-London charity, championing life opportunities for young Londoners from low socio-economic backgrounds. Stanhope Foundation supports its Access Aspiration employability programme providing high-quality careers support and guidance for 16–18 year olds who are making key decisions about their future but struggling to make links with employers. The programme targets schools in boroughs where a high proportion of students are eligible for Pupil Premium and report a lack of access to businesses.

The journey so far

We launched the Stanhope Foundation in 2021 so we could make a tangible positive impact helping people reach their potential and find hope and pride through meaningful employment.

Since its launch, the Foundation has raised over £1m alongside its generous partners. We have been able to help thousands of people on their journey into employment and enabled hundreds of hours of engagement to raise awareness for our charities’ causes. The Foundation has also enabled its partners employees to share their time, skills and expertise on a voluntary basis, whether that’s working directly with our charities on the ground, helping them raise their profile, providing work experience sessions, visiting schools or physically volunteering on site for local projects.

How you can help

Our charities are constantly working hard to help people on their journey to meaningful employment. The support given so far has already made a significant impact to the vulnerable people they work with. We believe this is a fantastic base to build on as the Foundation and its impact grows. Together we can make a significant and sustainable impact, and we welcome your support.

Partner with us
Whether you partner with us on a Lead, Support or Participant basis, we welcome your involvement.

Donate to our cause
We are seeking an annual pledge from our Partners so that we can make a significant and sustainable impact, develop meaningful relationships with our charity partners, and report to you on the lives of those we help.

Give your time
We have a large range of opportunities for you to donate your time and expertise so that you are able to experience first hand the difference you can make.

Participate in our events
We run awareness raising and fundraising events all year and encourage you and your colleagues to join us.

If you are interested in learning more or want to be involved. You can get in touch with us by email at stanhopefoundation@stanhopeplc.com

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