Hope found through employment
We exist to help Londoners find hope and pride through meaningful employment.

Our cause

Raising money and awareness for charities getting Londoners back into work, from one of the leading creators of workplaces in the UK. Because we know the profound impact of employment on the physical, mental and economic wellbeing of our city and its people.

Our Values


We are a people-focused business and seek to change the lives of Londoners.

Profound change

We want to make a profound change and will work hard to deliver big impacts.

Powerful purpose

From individual contributions to corporate commitments, our powerful purpose unites and empowers us.

For the past 30 + years, Stanhope has encouraged its employees to share their time, skills and expertise on a voluntary basis whether this be working with people in the arts, helping charities raise their profile, building schools or physically volunteering on site for local environmental projects.
As a company, we have the collective viewpoint that where we can see an opportunity to make a positive contribution in a wider sense, we don’t hesitate to take it. We are committed to positively influencing not only the built environment, but to the people and communities that it affects.
In early 2021 Stanhope are taking this ethos one step further and launching the Stanhope Foundation. Our aim is to improve human potential in the delivery and use of our projects. Alongside this, Stanhope Foundation will be raising money through various initiatives in order to help Londoners reach their own personal potential by finding hope and pride through meaningful employment.
We know the profound impact of employment on the physical, mental and economic wellbeing of our city and its people, especially now with all that 2020 has brought with it. Each year we will be working with specific charities which have a focus of getting people back into work. This year our focus is on those affected by cancer, the homeless and young people as we will be working with Maggie’s, St Mungo’s and The Prince’s Trust.

If you are interested in learning more about our foundation and want to be involved, please follow the link below to our brochure.

Our Charities
We support local charities through our volunteer program and apprenticeships.

St Mungos

St Mungo’s firmly believe in a recovery-centred approach to ending homelessness. Supporting someone away from the streets is just the first step on their journey to recovery. At the heart of everything they do is their mission to empower people to live fulfilling lives and prevent homelessness in the future.


In the UK, 1 in 2 people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. The majority of people with cancer need additional practical, emotional and social support to complement the excellent medical treatment that the NHS provides. Maggie’s provides this support, for free, including a ‘Back to Work Scheme’ for people living with cancer.

The Princes Trust

The Prince’s Trust and Stanhope Foundation have an exciting opportunity to change the lives of hundreds of young people across London and support more across the UK. By building a multi-year partnership, we can respond to current needs and have a meaningful impact on young people’s lives in the long term.