Wenlock Works

Cleverly reinterpreting the warehouses of Old Street’s industrial heyday

The refurbishment and re-cladding of two existing 1980s office buildings will dramatically improve the appearance and streetscape of Shepherdess Walk and respond appropriately to the historic warehouses facing the building across the street.
Whilst working with the best of the existing structure, the introduction of high quality finishes and a new pattern of fenestration will greatly improve access to natural light within the building. The original concrete soffits and columns are to be exposed. Air is to be supplied through a raised access floor and circulated through soffit mounted FCUs, screened in a central zone above an expanded mesh raft.
An additional sixth storey will be added to the main building, maximising the overall lettable space adding value to the overall building.
Design, Build
In Use
2017 to 2020
Buckley Gray Yeoman
Shepherdess Walk, N1
Gross area
130,000 Square Foot