Stockley Park

Transforming a 400-acre inaccessible wasteland into an international business park

Stockley Park involved the large-scale conversion of a highly contaminated site in West London into pre-eminent business park close to Heathrow.
The park adopted the idea of simple pavilion buildings surrounded by a network of lakes and footpaths, a concept taken from the United States but previously untrialled in the UK. Strict design frameworks that all the buildings in the park had to follow forced creative responses from the architects and has resulted in an interesting design that has continued to evolve as new buildings and tenants adapt this flexible site. The project provided a public green and a new golf course for Hillingdon.
Stockley Park has received 22 awards including European Year of the Environment: Nominated for Best Illustrating EYE’s aims for Urban Regeneration in 1987, Design Annual: Award of Excellence in 1988, Capital & Countries - Art and Work Award: Joint Winner in 1991 and RICS Conservation of the Environment Award: Winner in 1991.
The project was undertaken with Stockley Park Consortium, University Superannuation Scheme, Arup, and Eric Parry Architects.
Design, Build
In Use
1984 to 1995
Stockley Park Consortium
Uxbridge, London
Gross area
2,500,000 Square Foot