Stanhope Autumn Challenge raises £17,000 for charity

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11 January 2021
The Stanhope team’s Autumn Challengers reached the virtual finish line just before Christmas with the team clocking up an impressive 15,323 miles of walking, cycling, rowing, swimming and running. These miles were converted to points and the company agreed to provide £1 worth of donations for every 2 points achieved. Through a phenomenal effort from the team, we managed to raise £17,000!
We were thrilled to be able to donate to the following incredible charities who give emergency food and assistance to struggling people in crisis at Christmas, and do so much to support their communities throughout the year:
The Urban Partnership Group (UPG) is a charity working to enhance and promote the health, wealth and well-being of people in the Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham and surrounding areas.
Somers Town Community Association is a charity in the Borough of Camden. They aim to enable better awareness of and access to health and wellbeing, reduce inequalities around access to education, training and employment for everyone in the community.
Oasis Hub Waterloo aim to help create a local community where people of all ages and situations feel included, know that they can contribute and realise a deep sense of belonging. Every week the Hub provides outstanding education to hundreds of local children, the Foodbank puts food on the table for struggling families, they support people burdened by debt, create ways for families to grow together and encounter a supportive community, and take disengaged young people and use sport to create young leaders.
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