Thoughts on washroom design post-Covid

25 November 2020
The Covid-19 pandemic has exposed serious shortcomings in the current design of office washroom, shower and changing facilities. There is currently very little guidance on the design of these areas related to coronavirus infection control even though they are probably some of the most frequently visited spaces in an office building and where all known viral transmission paths are prevalent.
Ensuring significant and visible hygiene improvements in these spaces will help to build confidence in the office environment which will be key to the return to workplace as part of the post pandemic economic recovery.
The recommendations provided by the BCO report, co-authored by Stanhope's Technical Advisor, Peter Williams, highlight how existing washroom layouts can be adapted and operated to minimise the risk of infection transmission; and consider what changes may be needed as we start to reimagine the design of future office spaces in a post pandemic world.
Click here to read the full report: BN Washroom design post COVID-19 - Final
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