Royal Albert Dock

Reinventing the London docks as a major new commercial district

Stanhope, as local partner for ABP, assisted in securing their selection as developer partner for the GIA, ABP’s first London project. We have been involved in the process of getting consent for the regeneration of Royal Albert Dock and now delivery of the first phase occupying 860,000 sq ft, to provide a new business and residential district c. 30 years after the closure of the docks.
The project is anticipated to bring 20,000 jobs to the area, providing opportunities for residents in Newham. It will open up the docks to the public for the first time, connecting Royal Victoria Dock with the University of East London.
The project is being undertaken in partnership with ABP and the GLA.
Mixed-use, Workplaces, Homes
Originate, Design
2015 to Present
Docklands, London
Gross area
4,700,000 Square Foot