What we do

We are a developer. We use our market knowledge to find new opportunities. We assemble great teams to extract the best out of each project.

We deliver new or refurbished buildings that work for their occupiers be they businesses, residents or visitors. We create new places that support a range of uses and are welcome additions to the built environment.

But we don’t do this alone. We always do it with partners.

We work with Occupiers to help them meet their requirements, either adapting their existing property or producing a new opportunity or development for their needs.

We work with Investors to help them optimise returns from development whilst mitigating their risk exposure.

We work with Landowners to maximise their Real Estate assets and realise enhanced value.

We work with our partners as developer and as co-investors where appropriate.

We manage the whole development process from beginning to end, from site identification, feasibility and purchase through design to delivery, handover, post occupancy evaluation and ongoing management.

We have commissioned over 100 research papers seeking to challenge and improve upon the way we undertake development and the buildings we produce.

Our projects have secured over 100 awards encompassing energy reduction, design and town planning.

Each partner is able to benefit from this experience and knowledge and in turn we are able to maintain our reputation for conceiving, designing, procuring and delivering high quality buildings and places.